“LATTA PARK” – Planning Commission Approves
Plans Move Forward to City Council

Developers have asked the City of Durham to approve a rezoning of the land at the corner of Latta and Guess for a grocery store, two commercial buildings and ~200 townhomes. Rezoning request Z2000041.

To provide context for this recent case, CLICK HERE to view the developers presentation. The major concerns with this rezoning request are abruptly changing the character of the neighborhood, adding commercial when the economy is in a downturn, traffic increase, light pollution, and additional impervious surface. In June 2020 Latta Road washed out in a thunderstorm, so people have become very sensitive to the changes in climate and any threat to the local infrastructure. CLICK HERE FOR UPDATES ON FB.

NORTH OF 85 – the Green Jewel of Durham

What is “quality” development? What do we support?

An answer, by Trish Watson

Thank you for voting to uphold Durham’s zoning plan for North Durham by voting against rezoning at Guess and Latta. A plan that is not followed is no plan at all.

Given the passionate responses to the proposed development, both for and against, I think it is time to examine attracting a developer to a parcel or parcels in North Durham already zoned for commercial development.

You may not realize, and I think many in this area do not, that North Durham’s “brand” is becoming the park-like counterbalance to the rabbit warren that South Durham has built (hence the passionate “AGAINST” response).

Within 20 miles of the Latta-Infinity/Roxboro intersection there are over 50 hiking trails and 3 different water-bodies for paddling. With a little more effort we could add (safe) bike routes, too, since we’re just a mile or two from access to the American Tobacco Trail, with green-ways reaching our area ready for paving.

With open spaces for both commercial and residential development, this area could become a jewel in Durham County, and without efforts to begin planned development we’ll simply have more and more efforts to shoehorn in the South Durham rat-packed look and feel, thus losing what is our best, and in the end most salable, aspect.

Note: I’m not a real estate agent, I’m a work-from-our-park-like-home writer who loves hiking, biking, and paddling.

– reprinted here with permission of the author