Zoning – North River Village

FAQ   February 17, 2017


Hello Everyone!  So we had a very strong 11-2 vote in favor of the neighborhood arguments against the rezoning.  What happens next?  Here are the FAQ….



  • What does this vote of 11-2 mean?


It means that the Planning Commission, an advisory board to to the Elected Officials, will write up their notes and comments to provide to the City Council in advance of the public hearing where the City Council will make a decision regarding the zoning change.

The 11-2 vote is a very strong showing of concern by the Planning Commission about this proposal.



  • When does the City Council hear the North River Village Zoning Change?


We do not know yet the date when this is scheduled to come before the City Council.  The City Council meets on the first and third Monday of every month, and we can guess that this case might come before the City Council sometime between April and August 2017.  The timing depends upon the number of items that are on the agenda for City Council meetings and when new items may be added to their agenda.



  • How often do cases before the City Council with lack of support by the Planning Commission get approved?


This is a whole new discussion and the case can go to approval or lack of approval.  There is no guarantee for the outcome of the case.



  • What can I do to help our case?


Please call or write to the members of the City Council. They have a BINDING vote upcoming on this case.  There may be a new case number assigned for this case as it moves to the City Council.  Here is the roster: https://durhamnc.gov/Directory.aspx?DID=131



  • Where can I find updates and more information?


Follow along on a daily basis on the NDQDA facebook page (you do not need a facebook account) or on www.ndqda.com

Feel free to send us a private message on facebook!



  • Where can I find the information on the UDO and other City Planning Documents?


These are linked on both www.ndqda.com and on the Durham website at:  https://durhamnc.gov/414/Unified-Development-Ordinance-UDO



  • Where can I request a petition?


Contact us by a private message on the NDQDA facebook page.



  • What if I want advice for what I should do specifically to help?


Contact us by a private message on the NDQDA facebook page.